JPEG 2000

intoPIX 提供许多不同的可能性来评估质量、能力和特性,加快全功能的集成 JPEG 2000 核心。


The intoPIX HDK enables faster and more reliable integration. Using a flexible structure, it focuses on providing a seamless environment for the integration of any intoPIX JPEG 2000 IP-core, using an FPGA reference board as starting point (Xilinx or Intel). It efficiently validates the integration with a smart step-by-step approach and accelerates the progress towards the final customer application even before the dedicated hardware is ready. Thanks to a layered structure, it significantly eases the porting from one hardware platform to the other, and facilitates switching between applications in the same hardware environment. 

  • Standalone implementation of the custom IP-core flavor on an FPGA reference board
  • FPGA 设计或 ASIC 原型最短的产品上市时间
  • 提高集成友好性和设计可重用性


除了 HDK, intoPIX 还通过视频应用参考设计/概念验证加快客户产品开发。参考设计旨在利用 intoPIX 的高性能 IP -核心 

  • HD-SDI = 3G-SDI SMPTE2022 JPEG 2000 视频以上 IP (VSF TR01 及以后) 
  • UHDTV 4K JPEG 2000 Encoding/Decoding acceleration
  • HDMI2.0 UHDTV 4K 60P 422/444 JPEG2000 以上 1GbE IP
  • ...


With responsiveness, anticipation and availability, intoPIX offers support services around the integration of its IP-cores. This service is well-suited for the life cycle of any type of audio-visual system. intoPIX helps you to accelerate your time to market and to define the most suitable solutions for your applications.

intoPIX 发展支持保证:

  • 确保与 intoPIX
  • We are specifically aware of your environment, equipment specifics and technical case history
  • 接触我们的技术专家。这样,您可以快速获得任何技术问题的解答
  • Update and upgrade notifications and support
  • 互 操作 性。 intoPIX 将确保您的系统符合当前标准


除了硅的固有灵活性外 IP 核心,我们理解某些应用程序可能包含标准集成支持范围之外的特殊要求。 intoPIX 可以帮助定制标准 IP 满足特定需求的块。有关我们的定制服务的更多信息,请与我们联系