FFmpeg Add-on for FastTicoXS


The intoPIX FFmpeg Add-on enables to integrate directly the intoPIX FastTicoXS SDKs (and so JPEG XS) into FFmpeg v4.1 / v4.2. 


FFmpeg offers a command line interface and includes the support of various audio codec, video codec, stream muxing functions, and RTP protocols. intoPIX SDK brings JPEG-XS to FFmpeg users and enables to create rapidly new flexible and high performance video applications that needs to encode / decode / transcode / convert / save / export video streams or files. Implementers can decide which type of JPEG-XS accelerators they want to call : FastTicoXS SDKs is indeed available for x86-64 CPUs or Nvidia GPUs .

Getting Started with FFmpeg/libav using intoPIX FastTicoXS

Here are just few examples about what you could leverage JPEG XS workflows :

  • convert JPEG-XS to uncompressed v210/yuv/RGB files ;
  • convert JPEG-XS video file to a H264 or H265 video files ;
  • playback with FFplay any JPEG-XS MXF or JPEG-XS MP4 files ;
  • And many more !

Contact us for more info about our FFmpeg add-on for FastTicoXS

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