2K / 4K Premium Cinema Encoder & Decoder IP-cores


The intoPIX JPEG 2000 family for Cinema has been especially designed to meet the highest requirements of the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI), while already preparing for the future of Digital Cinema, including High Frame Rate support and higher bitrate support. The cores are ideal for building 2K or 4K solutions in 2D or 3D, but also to bring new cinema experiences to the audience.

Additional DCI / FIPS compliant security cores are also available from intoPIX. The intoPIX Cinema J2K cores also provide a direct interface with watermarking / forensic functions. 

适用于 FPGA & ASIC的配置


 参考 IP 核(-编码 或 -解码)最大分辨率 最大帧速率 颜色采样 BIT DEPTH最大比特率范围(最多)
 IPX-J2K-DCI2K-60-444-12-500 2048 x 1080 60P4:4:4 8, 10, 12 500Mbps
 IPX-J2K-DCI2K-120-444-12-5002048 x 1080120P4:4:48, 10, 12 500Mbps
 IPX-J2K-DCI4K-30-444-12-500 4096 x 2160
2048 x 1080
4:4:48, 10, 12500Mps
 IPX-J2K-DCI4K-60-444-12-10004096 x 2160
2048 x 1080
 4:4:4 8, 10, 121Gbps

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