UDP Protocol Manager by intoPIX


The IPX-UDP receives UDP packets (including video/audio assets) on a Gigabit Ethernet link. The MAC controller is based on the Tri-Mode MAC controller that is hard-coded from Xilinx technology. intoPIX configures the MAC controller with a specific MAC address read from a dedicated register and also sets up the external PHY chip. 

The protocol handler will manage the user UDP protocol. This handler is in charge of:

  • 接收视频/音频数据包
  • verifying the integrity with IP and UDP checksum and Ethernet CRC
  • 每收到 n 个数据包发送响应数据包。

如果数据包丢失或损坏,UDP 处理程序将拒绝所有后续数据包,同时等待其相关 n 数据包组的正确重新传输。


  • 减少占用空间
  • Supports Gigabit Ethernet
  • 高度集成


  •   Intel 或 Xilinx FPGA 资源 可应要求提供