intoPIX Solutions

intoPIX solutions enable the creation of smarter video & imaging systems, integrating the highest levels of image processing and compression intelligence with hardware and software optimization. Here are some of the typical applications that intoPIX technologies can address.


intoPIX enables manufacturers to create competitive solutions for broadcasters to produce, transfer and edit live content with lossless quality and with a simplified infrastructure whether it is a HD, a 4K or even a 8K workflow.. 


intoPIX solutions enable efficient  transmission of video between the AR/VR/MR sources and the head-mounted display enabling increase in resolution, frame rates and image quality and removing the physical link, all without any latency.


intoPIX provides the best secured viewing experience providing key image processing and security technologies for Digital Cinema, including DCI and FIPS compliant JPEG2000 & encryption technologies. These  technologies are keys in the design of Digital Cinema Projection, Mastering or Distribution systems.


Transport higher resolutions and more video streams over 1GbE or 10GbE networks thanks to our Pro-AV optimized ultra-low latency compression solutions. From HD to 4K, or even 8K.


高级驾驶员辅助系统 ( ADAS ) 需要快速传输和处理大量图像数据。我们的技术可帮助您将视频管道带宽直接从图像传感器减少到处理单元。


With the JPEG2000 as a standard for Geographic Imagery Encoding, intoPIX's JPEG2000 FPGA cores are the optimal choice to build a solution for storing and transporting your satellite imagery.

视觉 & 摄像机

压缩单色数据, raw 或 RGB,没有任何质量损失或延迟。


减少电缆量或迁移到无线连接可能会限制视频传输的可能性。 intoPIX 创新的视频压缩解决方案使您能够减少带宽,支持更高的分辨率,而不会降低质量和延迟。

移动 设备 + 显示器

When the screen are getting bigger, when power consumption and BOM needs to be kept under control, intoPIX innovative compressions are the ideal solutions for consumer electronics. Reduce memory bandwidth , simplifying connectivity.

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