• Smart technology for 

    IP-cores for ADAS systems, image sensors 

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intopix-powered Automotive Solutions
New automotive Challenges
intoPIX automotive solutions overview
Ultimate benefits of intoPIX solutions

intoPIX-powered automotive solutions

The growing demand for building cost-effective and efficient Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is requiring a new class of compression IP-cores to simplify the imaging pipeline from the sensors to the processing unit. 

融合了最新的图像传感器性能,以极低的复杂度、低延迟和无损图像质量运行于多种视觉基础算法,intoPIX TICO -RAW 和TICO-XS IP-核,是解决这些挑战的理想选择。

Superior lightweight compression

IntoPIX compression codecs for sensors are the most reliable on the market 

Bandwidth efficient connectivity

Leveraging ethernet cables, ethernet PHY and other technologies.

The challenges of the automotive industry

For autonomous driving, multiple sensors are combined and their data transmitted to a so-called ECU (Electronic central unit) in which the data from the sensors are jointly analyzed and related actions calculated. Data from these sensors need to be processed with maximum responsiveness, therefore implying a very low latency along the whole dataflow.


In terms of implementation and given the number of sensors, power consumption needs to be constrained as much as possible. The cabling inside the car is critical. High-resolution cameras and limited interface bandwidths require compression to reduce the bandwidth during live transmission and/or aggregating multiple sensor streams on one port/cable.


The in-car transmission - or infotainment - is a collection of hardware and software in automobiles that provides audio or video entertainment as automotive navigation systems, video players, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, Carputers, in-car internet, and WiFi.

Automotive always requires more cameras that generate an incredible amount of data and thus heavier bandwidth. 

我们对RAW 压缩的目的是避免繁重的电缆,这意味着额外的成本、额外的空间要求和额外的电力消耗。

Furthermore, in this kind of extremely sensitive use, we cannot afford to neglect the latency; the slightest delay could have catastrophic consequences.

​intoPIX automotive solutions overview

TICO-RAW ,用于汽车传感器。

Our TICO-RAW 8K solutions enable to optimize RAW capture, transfer, storage and editing at the speed of light.  Low power in camera, it enables to capture, store and stream RAW Bayer (CFA) at the size and bandwidth of a regular JPEG file. Our cores (encoder/decoder) support up to 8K (or beyond), at 60 fps (or beyond), handling RGGB raw from 8 to 16bit. Our decoding software libraries target x86-64 CPU (from Intel or AMD) & Nvidia GPUs with unbelievable performances! 





The ultimate benefits of intoPIX automotive solutions

 Extremely low latency
 Lower bandwidth
 Reduced cost and power consumption
 High resolution supported
 Compliant with MIPI interfaces
 Less interfaces


TICO-RAW 以4:1的压缩率为例,在相同带宽、相同数量的MIPI通道上,它将使用4倍的带宽,或支持4倍的分辨率,或在相同的电线上传输4倍的传感器。

< 2.5 Gbps 
 < 5 Gbps
 < 10 Gbps
格式 Fps 8 bit 10 bit 12 bit 14 bit 16 bit
 1MP/720p30 0.22 0.280.33 0.39 0.44 
 1MP/720p 600.440.55 0.66 0.77 0.88 
 2MP/1080p 30 0.50 0.620.75 0.87 1.00 
 2MP/1080p 60 1.001.24 1.49 1.74 1.99 
 4MP30  0.91 1.13 1.361.59 1.81 
 4MP 60 1.812.27 2.72 3.1 3.63 
 4K UltraHD 301.99 2.492.99 3.48 3.98 
 4K UltraHD 603.984.98 5.97 6.97 7.96 
 10MP 30 2.262.83 3.40 3.96 4.53 
 10MP 604.535.66 6.79 7.93 9. 06
格式 Fps 8 bit 10 bit 12 bit 14 bit 16 bit
 1MP/720p30 0.06 0.070.08 0.10 0.11 
 1MP/720p 600.110.14 0.17 0.19 0.22 
 2MP/1080p 30 0.12 0.160.19 0.22 0.25 
 2MP/1080p 60 0.250.31 0.37 0.44 0.50 
 4MP30  0.23 0.28 0.340.40 0.45 
 4MP 60 0.450.57 0.68 0.78 0.91
 4K UltraHD 300.25 0.620.75 0.87 1.00
 4K UltraHD 60
 10MP 300.570.710.850.991.13
 10MP 601.131.411.701.98 2.27

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