IETF RTP Payload Format for JPEG-XS (RFC 9134) is published!

18.06.18 09:24 am 作者:Jean-Baptiste Lorent

As part of the rapid progress of TICO in JPEG XS standardization and its road towards interoperability, the IETF RTP Payload Format for JPEG-XS (ISO/IEC 21122) has been submitted and approved.  JPEG XS is standardized for Professional Media over IP as mezzanine compression for SMPTE ST 2110-22 or IPMX. 

这为JPEG XS在广播和专业电视系统中的应用打开了大门,目前,这些系统正在向基于基础架构过渡,正在寻找以最低的延迟和复杂度有效传输更多像素的智能方法。

要了解更多关于TICO移至JPEG XS以及Intopix的参与和解决方案,请参见

RTP Payload Format for ISO/IEC 21122 (JPEG XS RFC 9134)

本文档指定用于传输 ISO/IEC 21122 (JPEGXS) 编码视频的实时传输协议 (RTP) 有效负载格式。 JPEG XS 是一个低延迟、轻量的图像编码系统,可实现更高的分辨率和帧速率,同时提供视觉上无损的质量,同时减少功耗和带宽等资源量。

RTP payload packetization modes for IP Media worflows & VSF TR08

JPEG XS有效载荷中的两种RTP打包模式被标准化,为实现者提供了更多的灵活性。编码流模式和基于切片模式。

A main difference is that the "Codestream mode" is sending the coded data in a raster scan order while the "Slice-based mode" enable to send the coded in a non-sequential transmission.

intoPIX and VSF TR08 recommend to apply (by default) the "Codestream packetization mode" for XS RTP payload. While it is offering the lowest latency of  XS coding & decoding  in all implementations:  FPGA , CPU & GPU, the codestream packetisation mode offers  also the following benefits:

  • 在JPEG-XS中保持恒定的比特率编码(帧以下的几行延迟),在JPEG-XS中实现了更高的编码质量和效率。
  • RTP(ST 2110-22)和MPEG2-TS(ST 2022-2)之间的直接重映射(无延迟惩罚),无需解析码流。
  • RTP(ST2110-22)和MXF之间的直接重映射(无延迟惩罚),不需要解析码流的解析

In contrary : the Slice-based packetization mode might be recommended in case of  a non-sequential transmission of the codestream. It might create a drawback in interoperability - causing other latency penalties in workflows, but might reduce the latency in the particular usage of some GPU. (This non-sequential benefits has not/never been proven and is difficult to make interoperable with hardware (FPGA) and CPU (ARM/x86_64) implementations


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