The new TICO-RAW full stack to improve RAW image workflows and camera designs

04.12.20 07:59 AM By Julie

Reducing RAW bandwidth and storage requirements to 1/10th with extremely low complexity

The release covers all the RAW format requirements: most popular CFA Bayer patterns (RGGB,…), bit depths ranging from 8 to 16 bits, resolutions from 2Mpixels up to 160Mpixels, even at high frame rates.


TICO-RAW is the new RAW: it preserves the most beautiful pixels and most perfect colors with the world's best efficiency. From the most brilliant brights to the deepest darks… With 10 times less bandwidth required and 10 times less storage needed compared with those of regular RAW, TICO-RAW offers all this with incredible speed and low complexity.

TICO-RAW stack includes small footprint IP-cores: 

Available for ASIC design and FPGA (on Intel and Xilinx FPGA platforms), the TICO-RAW IP-cores deliver full flexibility to users. Features include : adjustable compression rates from 2:1 to 16:1 and selectable constant bitrate (CBR) or capped variable bitrate (VBR). So, whether you need lossless quality for video applications, or mathematically lossless for machine vision or analytics, TICO-RAW has you covered.
  • No heavy-duty, power-consuming and expensive processing: TICO-RAW is designed with extremely low complexity in mind. RAW encoder and decoder cores are symmetrical, use minimal logic, minimal internal memory, and no external DDR.
  • No time-consuming delay: A fixed line-based latency reduces the processing time to one-tenth of a millisecond in real-time applications. 

They can be embedded in any type of camera system and any pixel rate, solving internal and external bandwidth limitations or storage challenges.

TICO-RAW stack includes fast software libraries: 

寻找软件? intoPIX FastTICO -RAW 软件开发包可用于x86-64Intel & AMD CPU(v2.0)和Nvidia GPU(v1.2.5)。这些SDKs ,提供了卓越的性能,包括高速(de)编码、高帧率支持和低延迟。

  • 所有TICO-RAW 解码器都带有内部降频器,用于代理查看、编辑或快速分析。
  • 未来计划在2021年第一学期发布,并将进一步提升性能和能力。

TICO-RAW 快速软件开发工具包

intoPIX TICO -RAW 全栈立即可用 !

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