intoPIX and Macnica Americas demonstrate 4K future proof and interoperable SMPTE2022 JPEG2000 video over IP FPGA reference design at NAB 2014

12.01.18 04:02 PM By Nils Finger

Belgium, Mont-Saint-Guibert and USA, San Diego, California: 21 March 2014 – intoPIX has recently introduced together with Macnica Americas a complete SMPTE2022 FPGA reference design that combines both intoPIX JPEG2000 compression and MPEG2-TS cores with Macnica’s SMPTE2022 IP-core to carry 3G-SDI with JPEG2000 compression over ST2022 1-2 on an Altera Stratix V FPGA. Leveraging Macnica’s ST2022 5-6 IP-cores, it can also carry uncompressed 3G-SDI over 10G network.

Fully compliant with the VSF (Video Services Forum) Technical Recommendation, “Transport of JPEG 2000 Broadcast profile video in MPEG-2 TS over IP”, intoPIX JPEG2000 IP-cores, with their MPEG-2-TS encapsulation layer, guarantee a faster time to market to new market adopters. The design has been successfully connected with the equipment of major players of the broadcast market during VidTrans 2014 meeting in Arlington, VA on February 26 to 28.

“The reference design delivered by our partners intoPIX and Macnica Americas is a proven interoperable solution for the industry,” said Mark Hoopes, Strategic Marketing Manager of Altera Corporation. “It answers the broadcasters’ needs for a cost-effective and reliable solution to enable them to migrate toward IP networks for video transport both outside and inside the studio.” 

This reference design brings 4K upgrade capability over 1GbE and 10GbE network infrastructure today. “intoPIX’s new TICO lightweight visually lossless compression technology, with its pixel line latency, can be used as a smart way to map 4K video over ST2022 5-6 infrastructure. Additionally, the intoPIX JPEG2000 4K cores can be directly integrated to carry 4K over ST2022 1-2,” said Marc Levy, C.T.O. of Macnica Americas.

The ready-to-use JPEG2000 ST2022 video-over-IP reference design will be showcased at the NAB tradeshow next month in Las Vegas in both the Altera (SU 11110) and intoPIX (C5243) booths.

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