intoPIX 增强其多通道 JPEG 2000 编解码器 IP -核,以满足广播公司对 Live 事件的需求

31.01.18 10:32 AM By Nils Finger

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium - intoPIX, the leader in JPEG 2000 solutions, presents its latest IPX-JPHD encoders and decoders for the broadcast industry. This new release not only delivers all the benefits of JPEG 2000, but is now able to provide the highest quality images for live events while meeting the tight latency requirements required to deliver this type of content.

JPEG 2000 是一种功能丰富的压缩技术,它比现有压缩技术为广播行业提供了优势。这些优势包括极可扩展性、无代际损耗、易于代理提取和帧到帧编辑。 intoPIX 的新硬件实现现在也为广播公司增加了一个关键优势:将整体编码解码链延迟降低到前所未有的水平,同时保持最佳的图像质量。

“Our multichannel IPX-JPHD Broadcast Family delivers IP-Cores that have been specially designed to tackle the challenging needs of the broadcast market. For instance, in the past, low latency constraints have forced a certain reduction in quality. It is now possible with our cores to have the best of both worlds: streaming of live events in HD and best-in-class quality. And as always, we keep delivering the densest FPGA solutions, which translates into reduced cost for our customers.” said Gael Rouvroy, CTO of intoPIX.

intoPIX 他的新硬件实现现在能够处理整个编码和解码链的延迟低至 1 帧的图像。这对应于 20 毫秒,每秒 50 帧,或 40 毫秒(每秒 25 帧)。作为先生 Rouvroy 指出,"我们最新的优化使我们能够最大限度地减少处理延迟,同时以任何比特率提供最佳的图像质量。客观评估测试证明IPX-JPHD的视觉质量 IP 核心与 Kakadu 参考软件生成的图像相当,同时提供比实时编码更快的图像。

Specifications of the IPX-JPHD IP-Cores will be available at the intoPIX booth SU 7523A during NAB 09, where intoPIX will be demonstrating its multi-stream HD channel management capabilities. Also on display will be a quality assessment demonstration presenting JPEG 2000 visual encoding quality at different broadcast bitrates. For more information or to schedule an appointment during the show, please contact

关于 intoPIX

intoPIX 在具有高固有价值的大型数据流中开发和商业化高端图像处理和安全工具。这些应用程序特别针对在质量、安全性和创作权限方面要求苛刻的图片。总部设在卢万-拉纽夫(比利时), intoPIX 成立于2005年,迅速成为国际硬件参考 JPEG 2000 编码解决方案。有关公司和产品的更多信息,请访问 Website 网址: intoPIX .com