intoPIX releases a new range of 8K TICO-XS IP-cores supporting the JPEG XS standard

29.10.20 02:45 PM By Julie

High quality, ultra-low latency, no costly memory usage and manageable 8K connectivity with the new intoPIX cores

You may think 8K is out of reach, that it would require very high throughput workflow, unreasonably larger memory buffers, high-end cables or 100GbE network interfaces... 

You may think that you will need to compromise on quality: use a lower frame rate, 4:2:0 subsampling, introduce some irreversible data-loss with heavy processing and additional delays,..

What if your high-quality, high-density 8K video could be transported seamlessly on COTS infrastructure and equipment - until now reserved for HD or 4K workflows?

intoPIX TICO-XS 8K IP-Cores, supporting the JPEG XS ISO Standard, are here to meet the challenge! On mid-range FPGA families - Intel & Xilinx - or ASIC with low gate count. The intoPIX IP-cores offer major advantages :

  • No compromise on quality: It is visually lossless, as defined in the JPEG XS standard and it supports the complete UHDTV2 specification.
  • No perceptible delay: Encoding/decoding is performed in less than ONE millisecond in total.
  • No costly memory usage: The light line buffers are handled entirely  in the internal RAMs. 
  • Manageable streamsYour compressed stream will be transported over standard IP networks such as 2.5Gbps or 10Gbps Ethernet. 

Line-based latency has your delay issues covered: With  end-to-end, you can execute  multiple compression stages in your workflow while keeping the overall latency imperceptible. Visually lossless  video quality is maintained even at a compression ratio of 16:1.

Your BOM is under control: you may already have an FPGA in your design where the IP-cores will fit easily, and they will not require memory controllers or external DDR. 

Depending on your video format and the targeted 8K TICO-XS cores, we support up to 8192x4320, 60fps, 120fps, 4:4:4, 4:2:2 and monochrome - your compressed stream will travel over manageable 10GbE, 5GbE or even 2.5GbE networks. 

A bonus feature is the embedded 2-level downscaler in the decoder: HD & 4K resolutions can be extracted from an 8K TICO-XS compressed stream without any additional processing.

With a full suite of  CPU and GPU SDKs available, the intoPIX 8K solutions are key to get the best out of 8K without any compromise.

Feel free to contact us for more information, the intoPIX team is committed to take you to the 8K world !

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intoPIX TICO-XS 8K IP-Cores are available immediately !

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