Adding Compression to SMPTE 2110

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SMPTE 2110 Professional Media over IP Infrastructure 
​with added -22 for compressed video essence

The SMPTE ST 2110 standards for professional media over IP infrastructures serves as a major contributor to the industry’s movement toward IP-based infrastructures. The suite of standards specifies the carriage, synchronization, and description of separated video, audio and ancillary data streams over IP for live production, playout, and other professional media applications. By adding timestamps, all elements can be routed separately and brought together at any endpoint. This synchronized separation of streams, as opposed to SMPTE ST 2022, simplifies the process of adding metadata such as captions, subtitles, Teletext, time codes, and simplified video editing, as well as tasks such as the processing of multiple audio languages and types. By adding timestamps, all elements can be routed separately and brought together at any endpoint. 

Today, the standard suite is embraced by the industry and many are offering equipment and solutions based on the SMPTE ST 2110. To look at vendors offering ST2110 products, check out the members of the AIMS Alliance for example.

To shed a light on all parts of the suite, we have enlisted and explained them in the following:

第 10 部分 - 系统计时和定义

The ST 2059 (PTP) is used to distribute time and timebase to each device within the system by giving timestamps to the separate streams. It specifies the various system clocks and how the RTP timestamps are calculated for Video, Audio and ANC signals. This enables each component flow — audio, video, metadata —to be synchronized to each other, while remaining independent streams.

第 20 部分 - 未压缩的活动视频

This standard specifies the real-time, RTP-based transport of uncompressed active video essence over IP networks. An SDP-based signalling method is defined for image technical metadata necessary to receive and interpret the stream.

它支持高达 32k x 32k 的分辨率,从而很好地覆盖了当前流行的 UHD 格式、Y'Cb'Cr'、RGB、XYZ 和 I'Ct'Cp'颜色空间、HDR 和 HFR 内容、4:2:2/10、4:2:2/12、4:4:4/16 等。

第 21 部分 – 视频的流量整形和交付时间

第 21 部分定义了 SMPTE 2110-10 视频 RTP 流测量离开 RTP 发送器,并定义用于发出此类流计时属性信号的发送器 SDP 参数。

第 22 部分 - 压缩视频

With the Part 22, the SMPTE 2110 specifically and officially defines a standardized way for transporting compressed video over IP workflows using, in most cases, the lightweight low latency JPEG XS compression (see TicoXS).  The IETF RTP payload of  JPEG XS is fully defined and Video Services Forum (VSF) has made available a Technical recommendation for SMPTE 2110-22 (more info here) . 

The use of compressed video to ST 2110 intensifies the existing advantages of moving to IP based workflows – flexibility, scalability, unlimited accessibility – by allowing users to transport generally high-bandwidth videos like HD,4K and 8K over cost-effective COTS 1GbE/10GbE networks. 

Using the innovative intoPIX TicoXS ultra-low latency & lossless quality codec positions compression as a solid sustainable solution for creating cost-effective, bandwidth-efficient and high quality live production workflows into the LAN, over to WAN or to the cloud with JPEG XS capabilities. In no means, it is inferior to uncompressed video concerning neither quality nor latency. It is just better in bandwidth as it enables to (re)use COTS equipment, existing cables and networks such as 1GbE, 10GbE to manage multiple streams in HD, 4K and 8K with a more affordable bandwidth.

Note that other constant bitrate and low latency compression such as TICO (SMPTE RDD35) or TicoXS FIP (Flawless Imaging) can also be used. 

第 30 部分 -  PCM 数字音频

ST 2110-30 deals only with the real-time, RTP-based transport of PCM digital audio streams over IP networks. An SDP-based signalling method is defined for metadata necessary to received and interpret the stream. Non-PCM digital audio signals, which includes compressed audio, are beyond the scope of this standard.

第 31 部分 - AES3 透明传输

第 31 部分可以处理非 PCM 音频。在这部分中,基于RTP的实时AES3信号传输 IP 指定网络,引用到网络参考时钟。与 AES3 一样,音频信号始终是立体声的。

第 40 部分 | SMPTE ST 291-1 辅助数据

2110-40 基本上说明了如何使用 IETF RFC 8331 与 2110,用于通用包装辅助数据项 IP .它指定 SMPTE ST 291-1 辅助 (ANC) 数据包与数字视频流相关 IP 网络。通过这种方式,它支持音频和 VANC 的分离路由。 

关于 SMPTE :

一个多世纪以来,电影电视®工程师协会(SMPTE®(SMPTE),发音为"simp-tee")的人整理了媒体和娱乐技术许多重大进步的细节,从引进"谈话"和彩色电视到高清和超高清(4K,8K)电视。自 1916 年成立以来,该协会因其在推动跨行业移动影像工程方面所做的工作而获得奥斯卡奖®和多个艾美奖®奖。 SMPTE 已经制定了数千项标准、推荐做法和工程指南,其中 800 多项标准现已生效。

For more information visit:

添加 JPEG -XS夹层压缩 ST 2110-22

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UPDATE: intoPIX has also released a SMPTE 2110-22 Wireshark Dissector available here to parse and verify your SMPTE 2110-22 streams. 



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